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    Disassembly steps
    1. Recover refrigerant
    無論是冬季,還是夏季移機,都必須把空調器中的制冷劑收集到室外機中去。拆機前應啟動空凋器,可用遙控器設定制冷狀態,待壓縮機運轉制冷狀態正常后,用扳手擰下外機的液體管與氣體管接口上的保帽,關閉高壓管(細)的截止閥門,l分鐘(大一點的空調就等2分 鐘左右)后管外表結露,立即關閉低壓管(粗)截止閥門,同的迅速關機,拔下電源插頭,用扳手擰緊保險帽,至此回收制冷劑工作完成。(如果是冬季,宜先用溫熱的毛巾蓋住室內機的溫度傳感器探頭,然后控制冷狀態設定開機。)
    Whether it is winter or summer, the refrigerant in the air conditioner must be collected into the outdoor unit. Before dismantling the machine, start the air conditioner and set the refrigeration state with the remote controller. After the compressor operates normally, unscrew the protective cap on the interface between the liquid pipe and the gas pipe with a wrench, close the stop valve of the high-pressure pipe (fine), condensation on the surface of the pipe after 1 minute (the larger air conditioner will wait about 2 minutes), and immediately close the stop valve of the low-pressure pipe (coarse), Shut down quickly, unplug the power plug and tighten the safety cap with a wrench. So far, the refrigerant recovery work is completed. (if it is winter, cover the temperature sensor probe of the indoor unit with a warm towel first, and then control the cold state setting to start up.)
    2. Remove the indoor unit
    After the refrigerant is recovered, the indoor unit can be disassembled. Unscrew the connecting lock nut of the indoor unit with a wrench, and screw it with the prepared sealing sodium to protect the silk pattern of the connecting joint of the indoor unit, so as to prevent the silk pattern of the joint from being damaged during handling; Then remove the control wire with a cross lift. At the same time, marks shall be made to avoid wrong connection during installation. If the signal line or power line is connected incorrectly, the external machine will not operate or the machine will not be controlled.
    The hanging plate of the internal machine is generally fixed firmly and difficult to remove; After unloading, remove the hanging plate, place it on the flat cement floor, and then gently pat it flat and correct it.


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